Friday, June 5, 2009

June fundraiser on Capitol Hill!

The looks on these fantastic faces tell the whole story. Savor was a huge success!

Need more proof? Here's a list of our favorite sightings and beer event activities from the night;

The Craft Brew Trifecta

Greg Koch; Sam Calagione, and Tomme Arthur. Visible within ten minutes of entering.

Beer enthusiasts akwardly dressing in business casual attire.

The cute girl attempting to ignore the unavoidable glares from 1700 dudes.

Sam Calagione attempting to ignore the unavoidable glares from 1700 dudes.

A noticeable correlation between male pattern baldness and a passion for beer related careers.

Our thoughts wander, but the event was truly eye-opening for us and numerous craft beer fans as to the ever increasing profile and support for American craft beer.

In other news, Postal Square head brewer Ryan Curley is hosting a fundraiser for Bright Beginnings, a non-profit organization dedicated to infant and toddler care in the D.C. area. The event will be held on Postal's patio at 5pm on June 24th. Look forward to light apps and live music. All proceeds and tips will be donated to Bright Beginnings. Check out the flyer for more information or email us at
See you then!

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